From a deceptively simple traybake to a pig called Sausage and an eccentric musical genius

Telly Today for Tuesday, October 13th and its the end of Life, chocolate bakes, a farm escape and a probe into the life of an eccentric musical genius.


For the first time ever Kate Humble is allowing cameras full access to her farm in Monmouthshire. She bought this little part of Wales a decade ago with a dream of a self- sufficient life by growing her own produce and breeding her own livestock.

Over ten years later and she has a farm packed with pigs, cows, sheep and goats – but for Kate, this is a working farm and that means 24/7 hard graft. But we also see the joys of cooking using her own ingredients and watch Kate indulge that passion for nature by joining her on her favourite walks.

Natural history presenter Kate Humble fled London for a newlife in Monmouthshire, Wales and a big
part of the plan was to lead a sustainable life and really live off the land. So, when the opportunity to buy a little farm came up, she jumped at it and 10 years on it’s the best decisions she has ever made.

With the help of her tenant farmer and all round mentor, Tim Stephens, Kate has taken to the role of
farmer with gusto and she is hands on with everything.

In the first episode all islooking rosy for Sausage the Welsh pig who is hours away from giving birth. After successfully delivering 27 piglets, this should be a breeze. But it’s soon apparent that Sausage’s life, and the life of her unborn litter, are in danger and Kate gets hands on to rescue her animal and
the little ones.

Escape to the Farm with Kate Humble, episode one, tonight at 9pm on Channel 5


In this third, and final, episode each character confronts a truth in their life, and each of them commits an action which cannot be undone.

David (Adrian Lester) investigates Kelly’s (Rachael Stirling) past, unsure of what he’s hoping to find. Can he assuage his doubts, or will he always fear that she wasn’t the woman he thought she was?

An argument with Liam (Joshua James) propels Hannah (Melissa Johns) towards Andy (Calvin Demba), but their unexpected moment of intimacy is interrupted…

Belle’s (Victoria Hamilton) ex-husband Neil (Adam James) walks back into her life and tests her loyalty to Maya (Erin Kellyman), on the night when Maya needs her most. Gail (Alison Steadman) finally tells Henry (Peter Davison) her true feelings about their relationship in an explosive confrontation which dissects their marriage from its very beginnings. Will Gail stay true to her commitment to Henry or will she finally make a decision for herself?

Life, episode three, tonight at 9 pm on BBC One


It’s Chocolate Week, and the competition starts to heat up as Prue Leith and Paul Hollywood set three tricky challenges to test the remaining bakers.

There’s a deceptively simple traybake in the Signature, a Technical packed full of chocolate and nuts and a celebration Showstopper that pushes the bakers’ skills with white chocolate to the limit.

Who will impress Prue and Paul enough to keep their place in the tent and who will be heading home? Matt Lucas joins Noel Fielding oversee the proceedings.

The Great British Bake Off, episode four, tonight at 8 pm on Channel 4


Ivor Cutler by KT Tunstall  takes a look into the world of one of musics legendary names.

Cutler was Glaswegian, Jewish and an eccentric musical genius. To KT Tunstall, his records have
been the soundtrack of her global travels:

“I’ve always found his music almost medicinal. If I’m on the road, emotionally bereft in yet another airport, I’ll play Ivor and I’m calm.”

Now the celebrated singer and songwriter sets out to explore the unique character of a great British eccentric, meets the musicians with whom Cutler collaborated, the friends with whom he fell out as well as his many celebrity fans, before finally recording a cover version of Cutler’s song ‘Women of the World’.

Ivor Cutler by KT Tunstall, tonight at 10 pm on Sky Arts

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