The life and work of Frida Kahlo to be seen as part of Exhibition on Screen

Exhibition on Screen has today announced that their latest film, Frida Kahlo will be released in UK cinemas from 20th October.

Initially planned for release earlier in the year, Frida Kahlo will be one of the first ‘Event Cinema’ films to be seen in cinemas as they reopen this Autumn and the first Exhibition on Screen film based on the work of a female artist.

“Directing this film has totally changed my view on Frida Kahlo as an artist. Beforehand, I hadn’t really given her much attention, feeling a little put off by the ubiquity of her image as an icon on cushion covers and t-shirts. Now, having studied her works closely and understanding their context of time and place, I am utterly gripped.” – Director Ali Ray

Who was Frida Kahlo? The woman behind the bright colours, the big brows, and the floral crowns…

The movie will take viewers on a journey through the life of a true icon, discovering her art, and uncovering the truth behind her often turbulent life.

Created in collaboration with experts who knew Kahlo, and those that have studied and curated her work, the producers have combined interviews, commentary and a detailed exploration of her art.

“Having access to her personal letters was a key part of making the film and in my own understanding of her work. It enabled me to see how the fragility and insecurities revealed in her letters were processed through the act of painting.

“Her meticulously painted canvases were how she interpreted the world, her politics, passions and emotions, transforming them into images of strength, defiance and understanding.” – Director Ali Ray

The final product promises to bring a ‘treasure trove of colour and a feast of vibrancy.’ Filmed extensively at The Blue House in Mexico City, this personal and intimate film offers privileged access to her works and highlights the source of her feverish creativity, her resilience, and her unmatched lust for life, politics, men and women.

Delving deeper than any film has done before, engaging with world-renowned Kahlo experts, exploring how great an artist she was, discover the real Frida Kahlo.

Frida Kahlo will be released on 20 October 2020 in over 150 cinemas across the UK including Curzon, Empire, Everyman, Odeon and independent cinemas.

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