Telly Today: Wall, Cube, Ocean and Apollo

Telly choices for Saturday, October 17th include Pip back in his cube, Jonathan Ross is chatting and


“You’ve got new games that have been invented because there are now teams of two. We’ve also adapted one of the iconic games and turned it into a two-player game and you’ve got the games you would expect, that everyone loves to play and loves to watch and loves to think they could do.” – Phillip Schofield

ITV’s The Cube is back and promising higher stakes than ever before with a life-changing one-million-pound jackpot.

Host Phillip Schofield will return to preside over the high-octane game show, which sees contestants attempt seemingly simple tasks within the high-pressure confines of the iconic Perspex box. Pairs of contestants, from the same household, take on The Million Pound Cube. As well as facing solo games, they will also face brand new two-player challenges.

Each pair will have nine lives to complete seven games, each worth an increasing amount of money, as they move closer to the huge jackpot. Players will have to overcome extreme nerves and frustration as they take on deceivingly simple tasks such as throwing a ball into a container, balancing on a beam or stopping a clock at precisely 10 seconds. But will they have what it takes to beat the mighty Cube?

The Million Pound Cube will air across this week, kick-starting with a celebrity special featuring comedian and TV presenter Jason Manford who is joined by his brother Stephen and comedian Mo Gilligan and his friend, actor David Ajao.

“It’s been six years since we were last in the studio and once everybody started talking through the new series and began working on it, it turned into something really quite extraordinary.   We got into the studio and it looked amazing.

“We filmed it in studio one of Television Centre which is a very personal studio for me, I loved being in there.  It was the first time I’ve ever done my own series in there so that was really quite incredible.” – Phillip Schofield

The Million Pound Cube, episode one, tonight at 9 pm on ITV, STV and UTV


In tonight’s episode of The Wall married couple Graham and Lynne from Merthyr Tydfil come face to face with Danny Dyer’s impressive erection.

A salesman and a headteacher, this week’s couple have been together for 18 years and want to secure their family’s future and help pay their children’s way through university.

Can Graham and Lynne keep the balls green and walk away with cash that will set their family up for life?

Danny Dyer oversees procedings while the questions are voiced by Angela Rippon.

The Wall, tonight at 9.15 pm on BBC One


Sky Arts this evening is heading stateside to The Apollo.

Discover the unique history of the Apollo – one of New York’s most well known theatres – in this Emmy award-winning documentary.

See archive footage from some of the most memorable performances on the Apollo stage over the years, from the likes of Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross, Stevie Wonder, The Jackson 5, Jimi Hendrix
and Pharrell Williams.

Plus, enjoy a fascinating insight into what goes on behind the scenes of this famous building.

The Apollo, tonight at 9 pm on Sky Arts


On this week’s episode of The Jonathan Ross Show, Jonathan is joined by Katherine Ryan and Clare Balding as well as Nick Frost and Samson Kayo, who discuss new comedy horror series Truth Seekers.

Music is provided by Billy Ocean who also chats about his career and performs some of his greatest hits.

“I have a new enthusiasm. As I’ve got a little bit older, I’ve got more to say. I still love going to the studio. I still love writing. I love to tour. I love touring now, more than I did. I’m enjoying myself more than I did. The old songs are there as a platform to back me up, I feel comfortable. The fans sing along, we have a great time.” – Billy Ocean

A highlight from the show, speaking about the government’s suggestion that people including in the entertainment industry should retrain, Jonathan revealed he’d put all of his guests details into the national careers website to see what jobs they’d be suited for.

For Nick it was animal care, for both Samson and Katherine it was emergency uniform services for Clare it was in the manufacturing field, for Billy it was the beauty or wellbeing field and for Jonathan it was in the emergency services as an army officer or bodyguard.

The Jonathan Ross Show, tonight at 10.15 pm on ITV, STV and UTV

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