Step aside Judy, move over Robert there’s a new judge on the TV block, Judge Martin Smudge

DLT Entertainment, the production and distribution company behind comedy My Family, has turned its attention to the children’s market.

“Monster Court is great fun, and we couldn’t be happier that CBBC is just as taken with Judge Smudge and his humorous form of justice as we are. We were determined to make sure we could deliver a top-quality and thoroughly entertaining comedy for kids, no matter the current COVID situation, and even if further lockdown measures were put in place.” – President of DLT Entertainment, Donald Taffner Jr

The lastest production to come from DLT Entertainment has seen the team securing a commission from CBBC for a children’s comedy series, Monster Court.

The fifteen episodes will air in a 10-minute slot and will be aimed at 6 – 12-year-olds and are centred around a monster puppet, the Rt Hon Judge Martin Smudge, who dishes out justice for children who send in their light-hearted problems, such as embarrassing parents, boring teachers, bedtimes or being made to do things like eat vegetables or wear shoes.  Children apply with their crimes and Judge Smudge delivers justice in the form of a monstrous punishment.

In response to production challenges related to COVID-19, Monster Court was developed specifically with social distancing safety measures in mind.  Children from across the country present their ‘complaints’ from the safety of their own home to Judge Smudge via a video link. The whole production is set up so that cast and crew can work remotely, enabling the show to be produced in complete lockdown mode.

The small production team is led by Executive Producers Donald Taffner, Jr. and DLT’s Creative Director, Darren Smith.  Jack Cheshire is Series Producer and Rohan Acharya, Producer. Judge Smudge is operated/voiced by comedian Dan Clarkson (writer/performer of Olivier-nominated Potted Potter).

“The show also marks a step in a new direction for DLT, where we can mix our expertise in the comedy sector with content for the children’s market. It’s a joy to add Monster Court to our portfolio.” – President of DLT Entertainment, Donald Taffner Jr

Production started at the beginning of September with episodes due to air from early 2021 on CBBC.

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