Join the Hollyoaks cast virtually for Birthday week at The Loft

Best on the Box brings us news of a Hollyoaks special feature for their birthday week.

Hollyoaks will be hosting a virtual Birthday party every night this week as they celebrate 25 years on screen.

Each night, Hollyoaks will live stream from The Loft set, which has been specially designed to allow for social distancing.

Different cast members will take part every day, starting tonight with Andrea Ali (Celeste Faroe), Ross Adams (Scott Drinkwell-Deveraux) and Callum Kerr (PC George Kiss).

They will watch that night’s live E4 episode at 7 pm and on Friday the first-ever episode from 1995 will be broadcast.

Fans will have the chance to watch with the cast members remotely on Hollyoaks’ YouTube channel and interact across all of Hollyoaks’ social platforms, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

The first virtual birthday watch-along will take place tonight, Monday 19 October from 7 pm on Hollyoaks’ YouTube channel.

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