Keith Lemon attends ‘Snowcase Cinema’

Showcase Cinemas have brought a little festive cheer to the big screen.

Film fans, including Showcase brand ambassador, Keith Lemon, had their spirits lifted this weekend with an early, snowy screening of iconic Christmas blockbuster, Home Alone.

“With 2020 being such a tough year for everybody, we wanted to kickstart the festive season early at our cinemas and knew that Christmas comedy, Home Alone, would be the perfect way to do that. The big screen experience has the power to transport you anywhere, but we wanted to give it some extra Christmas sparkle.” – Showcase UK General Manager Mark Barlow

Yesterday (Sunday 25th October), visitors to Showcase Cinema de Lux Bluewater were treated to an immersive winter wonderland experience, complete with a Santa sleigh, reindeer, candy canes and a giant nutcracker, exactly two months ahead of the big day itself.

And if that wasn’t enough, guests were mesmerised when snow began to fall as they walked through the cinema, making for a truly magical experience.

After a year like no other, Showcase Cinemas wanted to start the season of goodwill a little early, by screening the first Christmas film of 2020 in the UK across all its cinemas nationwide.

“So you know what, I’ve a big fan of Halloween and horror films, but I thought I’d come to Showcase Cinema to watch a Christmas Movie… When I came in it was snowing, it was crazy, lots of fun.” – Keith Lemon

The one-off screenings were so popular, they sold out within minutes, proving just how much the nation is in need of some escapism from the outside world.

Home Alone first hit the big screen in 1990, but has proved it’s still as popular thirty years on. Staring a young Macaulay Culkin as 8-year-old Kevin McCallister, he’s mistakenly left at home, alone, whilst his mum (Catherine O’Hara), dad and family head out of town on holiday. Kevin is tasked with protecting the family home from con men (Joe Pesci & Daniel Stern) who plan on robbing the McCallister residence.

“We pulled out all the stops at our Bluewater screening to make it a truly magical experience complete with falling snow, and seeing the look of pure happiness on the faces of our guests was just wonderful. We’re pleased we were able to offer guests a chance to escape the outside world, if just for a little while.” – Showcase UK General Manager Mark Barlow

For the full list of films, to book tickets and watch the ‘Be Showcase Safe’ video, visit:
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