Music industry looks for clarity and support during ‘lockdown II’ in England

With another lockdown in progress, the music industry is once again facing a crisis as there continues to be no support or a clear plan for it during the ongoing health crisis.

Joe Wadsworth from The Online Recording Studio has spoken about how the music industry is receiving no support and what could be done the assist the industry.

“The COVID crisis has clearly highlighted how low down the list of priorities the arts are for this government. Thousands of musicians are struggling to make enough to get by, with no real clarity from the government on what’s to come other than to try giving up their dreams to retrain in ‘Cyber’. What we need is a clear plan to support musicians who have had their income decimated by the pandemic.

“If music industry leaders were brought in and included in the process of developing an effective support system, rather than being shut out by a government who changes position on a daily basis, we’d have a much better chance of reducing the financial impact on the real people working in the arts. This government has repeatedly shown that it has as much interest in properly supporting the arts as Dominic Cummings has about following the lockdown rules.”

A UK Government statement recently said they would be ‘doing all they can’ to help the music industry in this difficult time.

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