Jacamo and Sky Media to celebrate the natural beauty of big in the great outdoors

Sky Media today announces the renewal of its partnership with Jacamo, which celebrates ‘big’ in all its glory to showcase the fashion brand’s 2020 Autumn/Winter range.

“Our 2019 partnership with Jacamo for their “Own Your Moment” campaign was an incredible success story – increasing the brand’s likeability by 28pp and consideration by 27pp. We are delighted to have the opportunity to build on the campaign’s success, with this piece of branded content.” – Sarah Jones, Director of Planning at Sky Media

Jacamo’s campaign, reaching men between the ages of 25-44, aims to shift consumer brand perceptions from ‘fat to big’. The creative establishes this message by embracing and showcasing the natural beauty and powerful parallels between big mountains, big trees, big open spaces and most importantly, big men.

The big moment of the partnership culminates in a cinematic 10m 40s branded content piece, as well as a 2m 40s cutdown, documenting the Jacamo challenge and shows that big isn’t a matter of size; it’s the true measure of a man who embodies values of strength, hard work and determination set against the backdrop of stunning landscapes in the Lake District

The ‘Force of Nature’ challenge content will be teased at the end of a 40-second interactive red button Jacamo advert on linear TV across the Sky portfolio. This aims to build interest around the longer creative, that will be hosted on Jacamo’s social channels and Sky Sports VOD platform.

As part of the wider partnership, Jacamo’s 30-second advert is proceeded by a 10-second ‘Sky Presents’ ident on Sky Sports and Sky One.

“Capturing the zeitgeist, we are excited to step out into the beauty of the great outdoors, which has been so greatly appreciated in 2020. During this time of lockdown, we’ve found escapism in our televisions and rediscovered the powerful benefits of nature for our mental health and wellbeing.” – Kenyatte Nelson, Chief Brand Officer at Jacamo

The bespoke branded content pieces launch on TV and VoD on the 13th of November and will be available until 21st December.

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