As reported last week Peter Andre is back on ITV2 with a brand new show, Peter Andre’s Bad Boyfriend Club, which sees the popstar and his brand new team of makeover and style experts turning some of the nations most hopeless boyfriends into hopeless romantics.   

“Each week, two boyfriends who have been nominated by their respective girlfriends will be educated and encouraged by Peter and his team to find out just what their women want and how they would like to be treated. Hoping to inject some of his ‘Andre’ magic on the men, Peter will be their wing man when his tough team get to work transforming them from Mr Wrong to Mr Right.” ITV say.

Episode one features two super geeks who prefer their gaming consoles to their girlfriends. Tom’s girlfriend Amelia is fed up with him putting his five game consoles before her and Aaron’s girlfriend Hayley hates the way he will play for up to six hours at a time rather than take her out.

Peter sneaks up on our two boyfriends when they least expect it. He disguises himself as a drill happy dentist to tell nervous patient Aaron that he’s in the club, and tries to coax some spare change out of Tom by dressing up as a member of a busking mariachi band.

Once the boys have accepted they are in the club they then face their ultimate test…a date with the spiky senorita Carmen who will put them through their paces to see if they have changed their ways. If they put a foot wrong they get a soaking with a drink in their face and a lecture from the sexy sharp tongued siren.

As these boys spend so much time playing on their games consoles Peter decides they should learn to massage their girlfriends and gets in a masseuse to show them the ropes.

Following their crash course in massage the boys then set about planning their dates and shopping for the girlfriends outfits, but which boyfriend will impress the 5 feisty female judges who are their to judge the date and win them and their girlfriend a holiday of a lifetime?

The show’s Celebrity Hair Stylist Paul Phillips said of the series,

“I feel privileged to have been asked to be the hairstylist/male groomer for a Peter Andre male make over show for ITV. It’s a huge compliment that my work is being recognized and I’m really proud of the results that have been achieved and how my advice has been taken on board.”

Peter Andre’s Bad Boyfriend Club from Wednesday the 15th August on ITV2

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