175 instalments of Tipping Point being recorded at The Bottle Yard Studios

ITV’s Tipping Point is back at Bristol’s Bottle Yard Studios, filming 175 new episodes, produced by Fizz, part of RDF Television.

The twelfth series of the daytime hit is currently being recorded at the studios, hosted by Good Morning Britain presenter Ben Shephard.

Filming of the new episodes will continue for the next two months, with 10 Lucky Stars episodes and 165 regular episodes being filmed for transmission next year.

In a video message to Tipping Point fans filmed on set, Ben Shephard said: “Look at this, back in the Tipping Point studio filming series 12 – we’ve got 175 episodes to try and squeeze in between now and July so it’s going to be a very busy time between being in Bristol here, getting all this done and getting back to the GMB studio aswell… it’s really exciting being back!”

RDF relocated Tipping Point to The Bottle Yard in 2018, moving its iconic Tipping Point machine into an 8,000 sq ft studio. Control rooms and all backstage elements of production are also situated at the Studios, and production teams base out of RDF West’s Bristol offices.

A game of knowledge, skill and tactics, Tipping Point is based around a big version of the popular ‘Coin Pusher’ fairground game – filled with counters worth a monetary amount.

Players must answer questions correctly to insert a token into the machine in the hope of getting some money out.

The series continues to dominate its weekday 4pm slot, frequently attracting up to 3m viewers and well over 25% shares.

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