BBC to chart the rise and fall of the Robert Maxwell dynasty

The three-part series will air on BBC Two.

Spanning more than half a century it is a staggering tale of fortunes built and lost, mysterious deaths, society intrigue and a spectacular descent into scandal, culminating in the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell expected next year.

“Building on recent successes like Once Upon A Time In Iraq, Thatcher and The Rise Of The Murdoch Dynasty, this series promises to combine nuanced story-telling with great filmmaking ambition. I’m delighted to commission it for BBC Two and iPlayer audiences.” – Patrick Holland, Controller, BBC Two

From Robert Maxwell’s beginnings as an impoverished survivor of the Holocaust, via the extraordinary creation and collapse of his multimillion-pound media business, his apparently accidental death and revelations of fraud on a grand scale, to the prosecution of his daughter thirty years later for her alleged involvement in grooming underage victims for sexual abuse, it’s the tale of the rise and fall of the first great modern media mogul and of the unravelling of his deeply troubled family.

Told through intimate testimony and exclusive never-before-seen sources of the archive, The Fall Of The House Of Maxwell is a story woven through British and American society and culture and will offer a unique window into a world of money, sex, privacy and power across half a century.

The Fall of the House of Maxwell (w/t) will air across three episodes.

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