Denise van Outen joins the cast of Fireman Sam for feature-length special

Denise Van Outen has signed up to voice the character of Professor Polonium in the new feature-length special ‘Fireman Sam™: Norman Price and the Mystery in the Sky,’ which will premiere on Cartoonito on Saturday 5th December at 5pm.

“It’s a real privilege and honour to be asked to be part of Fireman Sam,” the former Big Breakfast host notes of the undertaking. 

“My daughter Betsy is going to be so surprised when she finds out I have got a starring role. We always used to watch it together and I am definitely going to be the coolest mum at her school.”

In the special, Denise’s character, Professor Polonium, wreaks havoc across Pontpandy as she tries to prove she’s the best hero there is, by making full use of her latest invention, the super rescue suit.

Unfortunately, things take a turn for the worse, and a series of fires break out across the area. Who will now save the day and become the real hero?

“[My character] Professor Polonium is larger than life, very excitable, very opinionated and quite bossy, and she is out to make as much money as she possibly can. She goes to Pontypandy with her super rescue suit, which is her invention. She wants to show off, she thinks she’s going to make millions of pounds, actually she says she’s going to be a trillionaire. Except there is one small problem; everything goes slightly wrong and she causes havoc. Cue lots of fires!” – Denise Van Outen

Fireman Sam has been a favourite with preschoolers for more than 30 years airing in over 155 territories and in 36 different languages. Based in the fictional rural village of Pontypandy, the firefighters are the pillars of the community and the heroes of every rescue.

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