Channel 5 celebrate the world of Dick Emery

Channel 5 reflect on how in the 1970s everyone loved Dick.

The Dick Emery Show created a new type of comedy. Quick-fire comedy sketch.

A cast of comedy characters that became instantly recognisable with catchphrases that became instantly repeatable; “Oh you are awful, but I like you!”, “Are you married?”, “Dad, I’ve got it wrong again”, “Hello Honky Tonk, hows you? …nice to see!” and “I’m looking for a nice young man, like you…” to list only a few.

A one-man cast of outrageous characters that made 15 million viewers laugh.

The Dick Emery Show was so popular it is impossible to imagine the 1970s without it. His influence stretches years beyond his own days, shows such as The Fast Show and Little Britain are unimaginable without Dick Emery.

Some of Dick’s most memorable characters

So why is it that his shows are hardly seen today? Why has he been forgotten? Now, in this intimate film, those that worked with him and those that loved him most share their incredible stories, show their rare home movies and reveal the man behind the mask.

His extraordinary personal life, five marriages and numerous affairs. His love/hate relationship with comedy caricatures such as blonde bombshell Mandy, frustrated spinster Hettie and the village Vicar.

Most of all, the amazing creativity and acting brilliance that made Dick Emery one of our greatest comic performers.

Dick Emery: Greatest Hits, Channel 5, 9.40pm

Showbiz party, Dick Emery (second left) with other stars of the day including Noele Gordon (far left)
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