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Telly Today: a horrific toilet, brutal honesty and a shop repeat


Telly Today: a horrific toilet, brutal honesty and a shop repeat

Televisual selection for Wednesday, December 2.

Bees and Jesus

Sky Atlantic bring us another double bill of The Good Lord Bird with episode 5 ‘Hiving the Bees’ followed by edition 5, ‘Jesus Is Walkin’

Onion and new recruit John Cook head to Harper’s Ferry to prepare for the arrival of John Brown and his army. However, Onion quickly struggles to perform his mission of recruiting more African-American soldiers from the area when Cook’s reckless behaviour threatens their exposure to suspicious neighbours.

After several weeks of waiting, Brown, his army and his daughter Annie finally arrive – creating a new distraction for Onion: true love.

Then, the plan to take control of Harper’s Ferry is finally put into action; however, a crucial mistake threatens the success of the entire operation. With shots firing, Onion is sent out to get reinforcements.

The Good Lord Bird, Sky Atlantic at 9pm

Dirty slot

It’s the tenth and final episode in the current series as Filthy House SOS answers more cries for help from overwhelmed home-owners desperate to escape the filth, clutter and mess that has built up where they live.

Richard and Brennan head to Norfolk to help Andrew, who has Asperger Syndrome. His home is so filthy and full of grime that even his own mother cannot bear to spend time there.

Andrew is addicted to his hobbies, so much so that they have taken over his living area to the point that there is not even room for a sofa in his living room. The whole place is disgusting -there are cat faeces throughout, and an infestation of bugs in the kitchen.

There’s no room to move because Andrew has filled any space with his toys, models and computers, but this isn’t the worst of it with the toilet one of the most horrific that extreme cleaning team Richard and Brennan have ever had to face.

It’s one of the toughest jobs the grime busting duo have ever undertaken. Over three days, Richard and Brennan fight the filth and help Andrew turn his home and his life around.

Filthy House SOS, Channel 5 at 8pm

Loving highlights

Another trip down memory lane revisits the couples where sparks really did fly – in more ways than one.

Twenty-one-year-old dancer Frankie was keen to find a guy worth sticking around for. Fellow dancer Muhala was over the moon to be matched with someone who shared his passion and was soon making the right moves on Frankie. But would it be a taxi for one – or two?

John was looking for a man to marry and start a family with. Fellow Scotsman Greig wanted a feisty companion. But John’s brutal honesty was more than he bargained for. Shirlie revealed a love of latex to Dave and being ‘approached by men who want to wear my panties’. Part-time nanny and part-time weightlifter Lucy ripped her date Caroline’s top in front of a packed restaurant.

As the date reached its climax, Caroline went in for a kiss. But would Lucy take the plunge? Fashion designer Laura was looking for something longer-lasting. But did her date Frankie have the substance?

First Dates, Channel 4 at 10.30pm

Open again

In what the Beeb call ‘another chance to see’ – to the rest of us a repeat – we get a chance to step back into Granville’s corner shop.

In this episode, Mrs Featherstone, aka the Black Widow, has concluded that the time has come to begin driving lessons. However, she needs to find a willing instructor who can cope with her for more than one lesson.

Elsewhere Kath organises a bring and buy sale for charity, but Eric is less than happy when he discovers she is planning to put his favourite clothes on her stall. Also, it appears that romance is wafting around the Yorkshire terraced street as Madge and Gastric seem to be drawn to each other while Willis finally gets away from his mother to go on a date with Ruby.

Still Open All Hours, BBC One at 7.30pm

Best on the Box Tonight’s Best on the Box highlight takes us to ITV where Paul O’Grady is having a British Escape.

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