There’s more drama at Paddington train station for Channel 5

Best on the Box highlight for Monday, November 30 sees us head to Paddington with Channel 5.

At Paddington, there’s a fire alert as smoke is seen smouldering on the tracks just outside the station and it’s down to mobile operations manager, Mark, to prevent a serious fire.

Meanwhile, in Dawlish, it’s the final stages of a year-long, multi-million-pound project to strengthen the railway’s defences from the powerful waves that endanger trains and track. In Tiverton, a mile-long stretch of the track on the busy mainline needs to be replaced, but as the weather turns, it is all hands on deck to get the work completed in time. And at Route Control, reports of people on the tracks continue to play havoc with the timetable.

The Welsh football team receive the VIP treatment as they travel to Paddington for a friendly with England. As the weather begins to turn, the team make it to Paddington just in time, but the rest of the network does not escape that easily as the heavens open.

Storm Alex hits the network hard with the wettest day on record, threatening to throw the Tiverton works off course and causing mounting disruption and delays for days on end at Paddington. Closer to the eye of the storm at Bristol Temple Meads, severe track flooding causes chaos. And the just-completed seawall at Dawlish faces its toughest test yet.

Paddington Station 24/7, Channel 5 at 9pm

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