The best of Christmas telly?

A recent study has looked at the best festive sitcom episodes from UK television.

Searches for ‘Christmas episodes’ have risen by 100% this week, according to Google. In order to give us an extra dose of holiday cheer, the TV experts at OnBuy sought to find out the best Christmas episodes from the TV shows we love the most.

After surveying a selection of sitcom devotees to find the ultimate sitcoms of all time, the TV team at OnBuy looked at the highest-rated Christmas episodes per show, according to IMDb, to reveal the best Christmas specials of all time.

The Office topped the chart with ‘Christmas Special, Part 2’ a high score of 9.5 stars out of 10. The British Office’s special was also the series finale, with 70% of IMDb users giving a weighted average vote of 10 stars.

In second place, with 9.2 stars, is ‘The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis’ from The Big Bang Theory. This Christmas special was voted by 5,155 fans and received 55% of the weighted average vote of 10 stars on IMDb.

Ranking third is ‘A Very Sunny Christmas’ from the comedy show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Although it shares the same star rating as the show ranking second (9.2), the holiday special received 3,591 votes, 1,636 less.

The Top Ten

1 – The Office (Christmas Special, part 2)

2 – Big Bang Theory (The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis)

3 – It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia (A Very Sunny Christmas)

4 – Arrested Development (Afternoon Delight)

5 – Extras (The Extra Special Series Finale)

6 – Mr Bean (Merry Christmas Mr Bean)

7 – The Office US (Christmas Party)

8 – Peep Show (Seasonal Beatings)

9 – Community (Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas)

10 – Seinfeld – (The Strike)

Methodology: To achieve the data, the TV team at surveyed 3,256 fans and asked them to name their favourite sitcoms of all time. From the results of the survey, the TV team at selected the 49 sitcoms most cited and used IMDb to look at ratings for Christmas episodes and sitcom specials to rank the highest-rated.

To find the top episodes, the TV team at took into consideration only the Christmas specials voted by more than 300 users on IMDb. For the episodes with the same star ratings, the number of votes was taken into consideration for the ranking, with only the ones with the most votes considered.

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  1. There isnt anything worth watching over Christmas as all the stars we used to watch are dead and gone! ATV used to make great programmes but in the Midlands now Central makes nothing thats discusting useless ITV! All they churn out is the SHITE IM A CELEBRITY RUBBISH hosted by Convicted Drink Driver Ant Mcfartlin and Pillock Dec Donally they look like a couple of Poofs!! Lets being back the classic ATV shows and get this garbage removed from British Television!

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