Lorraine Kelly, ITV

Lorraine Kelly was visibly emotional this morning as the Help for Heroes charity thanked her for her hard work and dedication during a special programme of her ITV morning show Lorraine.

This week, the programme invited audience members into the studio and today’s show was all about giving thanks. Lorraine was surprised by Sally Bee and Maxine Jones and shown a clip of people who belong to the Help For Heroes charity and Band of Sisters, of whom Lorraine is a patron.

“Oh dear! That’s lovely. They shouldn’t be thanking me, they’re incredible all of the people there!” Lorraine said tearily.

Earlier in the show, Lorraine also interviewed nurse, Pauline Cafferkey, who contracted Ebola after volunteering in Sierra Leone during the time of the deadly outbreak. Pauline was awarded a Pride of Britain Award for what she did at the event earlier this week.

Speaking to Lorraine in an exclusive interview, Pauline said: “I think it was difficult for everyone to see what was unfolding in the news, all the horrors that were going on out in West Africa. I’d done similar things before so I could do it, so I did. No one was surprised when I said I was going.”

Pauline – who contracted Ebola – explained how she felt when she discovered she was ill: “Outwardly I just tried to be stoical about everything but inside obviously, I was very frightened. I knew it could have gone three ways – it could have been mild, it could have been severe which it was with me and it could have been death the other outcome which I came very close to.”

When asked if she would return to help again, Pauline said without hesitation: “Absolutely. Not for a while” and said she had “no regrets.”

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Lorraine Kelly, ITV

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