TV highlights include bakes, chasers and supersenses

Telly Today highlights for January 3rd.

Noel Fielding, Matt Lucas, Prue Leith and Paul Hollywood reunite after Christmas and get the New Year celebrations started in the tent.

Joining them are Helena and Henry from 2019, Nancy from 2014, and 2018 winner Rahul, all hoping to impress the judges with their skills and creativity and take home the coveted Festive Star Baker title.

Together, they see in the New Year with a cosy sing-song round the piano.

Great British New Year Bake Off, Channel 4, 7.40pm

The story of teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg is told through compelling, never-before-seen footage in this intimate documentary about a young girl who has become the voice of a generation.

Starting with her one-person school strike for climate justice outside the Swedish Parliament, the film follows Greta – a shy student with Asperger’s – as she rises to prominence, and her galvanizing global impact as she sparks school strikes around the world.

The film culminates with her gruelling wind powered voyage across the Atlantic Ocean to speak at the UN Climate Action Summit in New York City. En route, in an intensely emotional moment, Greta reflects on the enormous toll her mission has exacted.

I Am Greta, BBC Three/iPlayer from 6am

Bradley Walsh hosts as The Beast, The Governess, The Sinnerman, The Vixen and The Dark Destroyer join forces again to create the greatest quiz team in the world. One by one, contestants from across the UK try to win big money…but, can anyone Beat the Chasers?

This primetime spin on ITV’s quiz show The Chase challenges contestants to take on not one, but two, three, four or five Chasers at once.

In the Cash Builder, contestants face five multiple-choice questions, with the chance to bank up to £5,000. But get the first question wrong – they’re out!

Next, contestants are given the option of playing between two and five Chasers for increasing amounts of money, but with a decreasing time advantage against them. As the money goes up, so does the number of Chasers they must face. But those brave enough to take on five Chasers could walk away with a huge cash prize.

Play sees questions swap from contestant to the Chasers. But get a question wrong and their individual or team clock keeps counting down until a question is answered correctly. First to run out of time loses the game.

Beat the Chasers, ITV, STV, UTV, 9pm

Animals sense and interpret their world in ways that are far beyond our human capabilities.

In the first of three parts, join us as we explore a story of vision through some of the most complex eyes in the animal kingdom.

In a world where dragonflies see in almost every direction, a tiny crustacean boasts hexnocular vision and pigeons see ten times the colour that we humans can, we’re taken on a journey to experience diverse ways of seeing.

Capturing minute details in this tale of vision, the first of this three-part series will explore the science behind the complex ways that our planet’s animals sense the world around them.

Supersenses, Sky Nature, 8pm

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