Telly Today: From new year diets to the harbour village of Mevagissey

Highlights from the telly box for Tuesday, January 5.

Britain’s Most Evil Killers turns its attention this evening to Kenneth Regan & William Horncy.

The documentary series examines some of the most dangerous and prolific murderers in the UK, as producers uncover what drives Britain’s most despicable characters to commit heinous crimes.

The 2021 run opens the year with Kenneth Regan and William Horncy who achieved notoriety in 2005 for the brutal murder of London millionaires Amarjit and Nancy Chohan and their two young sons, as well as Amarjit Chohan’s elderly mother in the Chohan’s family home.

In a bid to take over Mr Chohan’s haulage company and use it to smuggle drugs, Regan and Horncy’s despicable web of murders led to their life imprisonment.

Britain’s Most Evil Killers, Sky Crime, 9pm

Over in the wards of Holby City Sacha buries his head in the sand when Beka is taken ill on New Year’s Eve. Will he figure out the truth before it’s too late?

Kian is on edge as Sarah Jane avoids his calls, and his stash is running out. Can he convince Jac he’s fine when she worries that their relationship is the problem?

It’s total chaos on AAU, and the F1s are daunted when Hanssen leaves them alone to face their first New Year’s night shift. Will they sink or swim?

Holby City, BBC One England, Wales and NI, 7.50pm | BBC One Scotland, 8.20pm

Down Ramsay Street tonight Yashvi apologises to Shane and he is glad to reconnect, but things with Dipi aren’t so simple.

It’s party season, and Roxy decides to loosen things up between lovebirds Levi and Bea.

Sheila’s plan to get Karl to herself underneath the mistletoe is unintentionally thwarted by Jane and then Bea and Levi.

In case you’re unaware, due to Channel 5 taking Neighbours off air recently, the episodes are set in early December 2020.

Neighbours, Channel 5, 5.30pm

Uncovering the very best of Cornish produce, Rick travels down small country lanes to visit the Cornish Gouda Company, where he meets founder Giel Spierings who shares the secrets of artisan cheese-making on his award-winning small family farm.

Using much loved local ingredients, Rick makes a Quesadilla – a Mexican dish – but with a twist of Cornish Gouda cheese and apples.

Exploring the Cornish harbour village of Mevagissey, Rick samples unmissable fresh fish from a local grill and reveals its rich fishing history with one of the country’s most popular seafoods – sardines! And he’s just got time to stop off to listen to a sea shanty or two by a local group founded to keep the age old tradition alive.

Rick Stein’s Cornwall, BBC Two, 6.30pm

Dr Helen Lawal and Dr Javid Abdelmoneim return for a new series of How to Lose Weight Well, as they ask members of the public to road-test the most hyped-up and written about diets on the market today.

In this episode, sisters Lesley and Debra from Essex road-test two diets followed by celebs Adele and Rebel Wilson. Debra tries out a Sirtfood diet while Lesley gives the Mayr Method a go. Good mates Temi and Bose want to shed a few pounds for Temi’s 30th birthday drinks in four weeks’ time and want to try out intermittent fasting. Temi is on the Eat Stop Eat diet while Bose tries the Bodhimaya Method.

Drinking pals Maurice and Mick want to lose weight before attempting a Three Peaks walk in their native Yorkshire. Maurice has a go at the Yoga diet, while Mick tries the fitness challenge diet, which involves eating more protein, consuming less alcohol and increasing exercising. Helen and Javid also investigate some weight loss methods.

Javid looks into the science behind so-called ‘personalised’ diets. Nutrition expert Dr Sarah Berry demonstrates to Javid that we all respond differently to food, and she’s got some brand-new tech that she believes could revolutionise our approach to our diet. And Helen investigates how getting a good night’s sleep could be even more important than we realise.

How to Lose Weight Well, Channel 4, 10pm

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