Ant and Dec get ’80s video game’ make-over

Ant and Dec have been transformed into 1980s video game characters in their latest hapless attempt to run a bank.

“Ant and Dec return to our screens in their now familiar roles as CEO’s of the Bank of Antandec, this time taking on a new challenge, a digital one. Not only has their strategy changed, but so have they… and we get to see them for the very first time as avatars in the world’s first-ever virtual bank.” – Dan Sherwood, director of marketing at Santander

The much-loved TV duo are two of the most successful stars seen on screen over the past 20 years.

But their efforts at the ‘Bank of Antandec’, their spoof branch of Santander, have been anything but a triumph as they’ve faced a catalogue of issues.

Now, as they look to take digital banking to the next stage, the pair have created the world’s first ever virtual bank where customers put on a headset, create their character, log in and carry out their banking from there.

However, instead of using high-tech augmented reality software, the graphics are more 1980s.

“We strive to be there for our customers and do our utmost to make their dreams a reality. A virtual reality.” – Ant

The stars will make their latest appearance for the bank in an advert which airs this Saturday (Jan 9th).

But ahead of the broadcast, an extended version has been released showcasing their ‘virtual venture’.

“Face-to-Face is a thing of the past, it’s all about pixel-to-pixel.” – Dec

Ant and Dec’s latest foray into finance comes as Santander launches its new ‘My Money Manager’ feature on its mobile banking app.

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