TV highlights range from Sara Pascoe in Finland to Julie Walters in Scotland

Telly Today highlights for Sunday, January 10th.

In this final episode, Sara travels across Finland in Northern Europe, where she looks at the impact the changing climate is having on the future of the country’s traditional professions – and how people are adjusting in a country so connected to nature.

Sara starts her first job in the timber industry and travels to Forssa to work as a Forest Cleaner, where she learns how to fell trees and transport the timber using horses.

Foraging in Finland has evolved into an industry worth millions, but warmer climates threaten the wild lingonberry, which thrives here and is the key ingredient to make Rönttönen, a traditional Finnish pie. To learn more, Sara joins one of the few remaining bakers left that produce this treat.

She then heads north to an industrial harbour town, Bothnia, where the sea is frozen for more than half of each year. Snow hotels have grown the tourist trade, and Sara moves onto the frozen sea to add the job of ice carver to her résumé before becoming one of Santa’s elf helpers, where she sorts and replies to some of the millions of letters received from around the world in Santa’s village.

Last Woman On Earth With Sara Pascoe, BBC Two, 9pm

In this 90-minute special, national treasure Julie Walters travels the beautiful coastal railways of Scotland and meets the people who live and work along its shoreline.

Julie rides the East Coast Railway to North Berwick where she meets Jane McMinn, IT consultant-turned-master mariner and lobster breeder, who takes her out to sea to the spectacular Bass Rock and the biggest gannet colony on Earth.

From there Julie heads to Edinburgh, where she discovers the intriguing connections between the railway and the famous Balmoral Hotel’s Palm Court and Clock Tower. Further on her travels, Julie rides the West Highland Railway onboard the famous Jacobite steam train, which starred in the Harry Potter films, before getting some practical training in ‘extreme violence’ at Arisaig House – home to the Special Operations Executive that trained agents in World War II.

Scotland’s Coastal Railways with Julie Walters, Channel 4, 6.15pm

The world is full of creatures with astounding abilities, who experience the world in diverse and striking ways.

In the second of three parts, join Sky Nature as they ask, what makes a truly super-powered animal?

The documentary cameras scour the globe for the strangest and most surprising animal skills and, in a round of competitive challenges, they discover which creature holds the title for Super Strength, Most Toxic, Master of Disguise, Greatest Escape Artist, and Master Builder.

Through millions of years of evolution, these creatures have developed complex methods of survival. Join the animals as they provide a broad line-up of contestants and examine what makes them truly super-powered.

Supersenses, Sky Nature, 8pm

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