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Telly Today: Jelly making, a Dolly Parton style drag queen and the world’s tallest freestanding climbing wall


Telly Today: Jelly making, a Dolly Parton style drag queen and the world’s tallest freestanding climbing wall

Our Telly choices for Monday, January 11.

Mark Kermode returns with the first of three new episodes of Mark Kermode’s Secrets Of Cinema. In each episode, Mark explores the conventions underpinning our favourite movies, and the techniques filmmakers use to keep us coming back for more.

In a revealing look at one of the defining genres of British cinema, Mark argues that many British comedy films win laughs by tapping into our abiding national preoccupations. We love to root for the underdog, a key figure who appears in countless guises. We delight in seeing class and manners satirised and subverted. We’re fascinated by films that mix comedy and crime. And we enjoy home-grown pastiches and parodies that celebrate and satirize the Hollywood blockbusters.

From side-splitting classics to overlooked gems, Mark shows how making fools of ourselves can make for seriously good cinema.

Mark Kermode’s Secrets of Cinema, BBC Four, 9pm

Junior Bake Off returns for its second helping.

Selected from thousands of applicants, 16 talented junior bakers enter the iconic white tent and compete in the most challenging and exciting contest to date.

Host Harry Hill brings warmth and humour, as Liam Charles and a new judge – professional pastry chef Ravneet Gill – take on the tough task of finding Britain’s best junior baker. The first heat of eight junior bakers enter the Bake Off tent for two exciting baking challenges.

Sponge baking and jelly making are put to the test in a tricky first Technical Challenge where the bakers are asked to follow Liam’s recipe for a bake every baker has eaten before – but with an unusual twist.

The bakers also make impressive fantasy cakes themed around their wildest dreams.

Junior Bake Off, Channel 4, 5pm

You may think you’ve read this before, and you’d be right. Last week due to Boris Johnson and his lockdown announcement Bradley Walsh and Barney were shunted out of the schedules to make way for the news conference. However, the new series of Breaking Dad finally gets its debut this evening.

Bradley and his actor son Barney are hitting the road together for a brand-new six-part series of the hit ITV show, Bradley & Barney Walsh: Breaking Dad.

Bradley usually spends his holidays on the same old golden beaches of Portugal, so Barney wants to show him exactly what the rest of Europe has to offer, starting in The Netherlands and taking in Germany, Switzerland and Slovenia before finishing in Italy.

In the first episode of the series they’ll be travelling from their home in Essex all the way to the Amalfi Coast in Italy, but the first stop on their road trip is The Netherlands, where they try out one of the country’s oldest sports, canal jumping.

The action continues when the pair don lycra for a spot of velodrome track cycling, alongside a world champion, and before they leave the country, father and son take on the world’s tallest freestanding climbing wall.

Bradley and Barney Walsh: Breaking Dad, ITV, STV, UTV, 8pm

A renowned paediatric surgeon is called over to Chastain for an extremely difficult surgery on a newborn, but when she arrives, The Raptor and Devon realize she is not fit for surgery, resulting in the situation becoming more complicated than they could have imagined.

Meanwhile, a Dolly Parton drag queen is admitted to the ER after collapsing on stage, leading Bell and Ezra to a potentially life-saving discovery.

Also, Nic and Conrad suspect their patient may be the victim of sex trafficking and Nadine delivers some surprising news to Devon.

The Resident: Doll E. Wood, Sky Witness, 9pm

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