International Kiss A Ginger Day: Who tops the 2021 kissable list?

On the 12th of January 2009 Derek Forgie created International Kiss A Ginger Day, this year it may have to be a virtual kiss, but there’s still plenty of snog-able red heads in the top 20 favourites list.

The 12th KAGD has seen survey, 5,450 people, to see which of our favourite redhead celebrities we would kiss if we could.

Despite his dedication to Meghan Markle, Prince Harry is the ginger that we would most like to kiss today with 83% of respondents voting him as the most attractive. Said to get his fiery red locks from his grandfather Prince Philip, it seems he has him to thank for this win.

In second place is Isla Fisher. From Scooby-Doo to Wedding Crashers and if you’re really going back Home and Away, it’s clearly hard to forget her beautiful ginger tresses when playing these iconic roles. She definitely left an impression on the 81% of people who voted for her as one of the most attractive.

Following closely behind with 78% of votes is Jessica Chastain. Known for playing roles with feminist themes and being voted one of the 100 most influential people in the world by Times Magazine, her natural ginger hair is just another thing to love about her.

Karen Gillan takes fourth place with 77% of people voting her as one of the most attractive natural redheads in the celebrity realm. Even after having to shave her head bald for Guardians of the Galaxy, the love for her natural hair still shines through!

Taking fifth place is none other than Michael Fassbender with 74% finding his ginger hair and copper coloured beard attractive. Among the many iconic films he’s appeared in include X Men and Assassin’s Creed, and his hybrid accent of English, German and Irish can also be said to add to his attractiveness.

Prince Harry 83%
Isla Fisher 81%
Jessica Chastain 78%
Karen Gillan 77%
Michael Fassbender 74%
Ewan McGregor 71%
Eddie Redmayne 70%
Madelaine Petsch 67%
Lily Cole 66%
Julianne Moore 63%
Nicola Roberts 62%
Rupert Grint 61%
Bryce Dallas 59%
Kate Mara 58%
Lindsay Lohan 57%
Damian Lewis 55%
Ed Sheeran 53%
Benedict Cumberbatch 52%
Kevin McKidd 51%
Marcia Cross 49%
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