E4 animated series to talk openly about mental health

E4 is to present a new short-form animated series, aimed at teenagers, that sees some of the UK’s leading MC’s, rappers and lyricists talk openly about mental health and the things that have impacted them, from grief and body image to trauma.

The series will also reimagine science-based mindfulness techniques to help young people improve their wellbeing.

Across the five-episode series produced by Mother’s Best Child & TOAD, viewers will be taken on an absorbing visual journey where they’ll be offered tips and methods to help cope with their mental health struggles, all backed by South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation.

In the first episode Rap star, Konan talks candidly about the violent loss of his step-father and how he has coped with the trauma that has come from it while in the second offering Singer Ray BLK uses her soothing voice to guide you through a mindful breathing exercise, designed to help ease feelings of anxiety and stress.

The third edition sees Rapper Krept open up about losing his cousin, and fellow rapper, Cadet in a car crash, and how he has tried to process the grief and in show four Rapper and singer Ms Banks focuses on body image by taking us back to her school days where she was the tallest in her class. She explains that practising positive affirmations and self-love have helped her to be comfortable with who she is.

The final episode shows that Bad habits before bed can often be the reason that we don’t get the sleep we need. In this episode, legendary Grime star, D Double E uses his distinctive flow to guide us off into the land of nod.

All episodes will drop on the 18th January and will be available to watch for free on All 4, Channel 4’s on-demand streaming service.

Rap Therapy is supported by the government-funded Young Audiences Content Fund which is managed by the BFI and supports the creation of distinctive, high-quality content for audiences up to the age of 18.

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