MaitreD Fred welcomes his First Dates at his Manchester restaurant

Best on the Box for January 19th sees us head back into the restaurant…

The BAFTA award-winning ‘First Dates’ is back -and the new series launches in the brand-new Manchester restaurant. In the setting, more romantic than ever before, MaitreD Fred is once again ready to play Cupid, supported by his team of helpers which includes some new local faces, as they welcome an array of singletons all hoping to be served the love of their lives.

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First to open the doors of the new restaurant is 23-year-old Tory, Jessie. A parliamentary assistant who wants to date a guy outside of the Westminster bubble. Far from conservative, she’s not afraid to talk sex and politics on a date and worries this scares guys off.

Taking her on is 25-year-old journalist Josh who’s been described as “a bit too much” and has been sworn at on dates for his strong opinions. They bond over their shared love of “pointless Twitter beefs” but will they converge enough to create a union, or will they vote leave without a deal – a hard Jexit if you will?

Ready to rock the restaurant is Winston, a 69-year-old former roadie who’s had Metallica round to his Manchester home. A self-confessed former ladies’ man, “If ‘ladies’ man means making ladies happy” who wants someone to settle down with after surviving prostate cancer.

His date is 60-year-old glamorous grandma Donna who is looking for a gentleman to save her from lonely nights in. Winston pulls out all the stops to impress Donna, but when things get serious, will fun-loving Donna be turned off?

37-year-old Kristina is a Lithuanian spa therapist from London. Having gone for the wrong men when she first moved to the UK, she’s looking for an older guy who’s ready to start a family with her. Her date is 43-year-old Billy, a cheery car salesman who struggles to meet his dream woman in the world of commercial vehicles. A fun filled date with lots of laughter, but will Billy live up to Kristina’s idea of the perfect English gentleman?

Hailing from Rotherham, 32-year-old Alan works in a greasy spoon which leaves his lovelife smelling of anything but roses. Having exhausted Rotherham’s gay scene, he finally wants to settle down with someone who knows nothing of his promiscuous past. His match is 36-year-old Stephen, a casino manager looking to hit love’s jackpot, from…

Rotherham too. As Stephen walks in and instantly recognises the face at the bar, fate has handed these former friends-with-benefits a second shot at love. But will Stephen be able to convince Alan that he’s also longing to settle down for monogamy and the family life, or will it be a case of no going back?

First Dates, Channel 4, 10pm

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