Glenn Hoddle clocks off from ITV

The Masked Singer continued tonight on ITV and footballing legend Glenn Hoddle was the latest celebrity to be unmasked.

Performing as Grandfather Clock, Glenn sang the Frank Sinatra classic You Make Me Feel So Young.

Tonight Harlequin, Blob, Viking, Bush Baby and Grandfather Clock all put in their second performances of the series. After everyone had sung, Grandfather Clock and Viking found themselves in the bottom two with both singing one more time for the panel to decide which should be unmasked.

For his second performance, Grandfather Clock chose to perform Barry Manilow’s Can’t Smile Without You – an anthem for fans of Hoddle’s long-time club, Tottenham Hotspur.

What made you decide to take on this challenge?

I’ve always had a passion for singing and I wanted to give it a go (again). When this came along which was too good to say no to.

How hard is it to keep the secret?

Incredibly tough! I wanted to share the news with my children and grandchildren as I knew they’d love it. I’ve had to bite my tongue on a few occasions.

How was the secrecy at filming?

Very surreal. Walking around and not being able to say thank you to someone if they held a door open or hi as you walk past someone in the corridor. I’ve never experienced anything like this before and not sure I will again.

What did you think of your mask, your overall look and the character you got to play?

Amazing! The attention to detail was fantastic and couldn’t believe the how good it was. It was a little restrictive, so I wasn’t able to move as freely as I would have liked for a song or two but it was amazing.

Did you have a say in what your costume looked like?

Yes, I was fully involved throughout the process and had a couple of options but just felt this was perfect, especially when I saw the costume close up.

How about the clue packages – what kind of input did you have on those and do you have a favourite nugget of information from them?

The guys were great, although I think they made some of the clues a little too easy but let’s see what people think.

Were there any nerves when you first performed as your character or did being hidden inside the costume make you feel more confident?

I was so nervous and the heat was incredible. I thought I was going to be ok as I have performed live before but this was a totally different experience and well out my normal comfort zone.

What are your thoughts on the panel and what did you think of their guesses?

I have met one or two of them in the past and they were all very kind about my performances and they were so close! I think they might even have mentioned my name in the overall discussions, but no one actually guessed it, so I guess the clues wasn’t too obvious after all.

If you could wear your mask and costume just one more time, what occasion would you choose to wear it to?

I would have loved to have had a reveal party for my family, as the show was being aired, so I could surprise my family with me in the actual costume.

Did you watch the first series and, if so, did you have a favourite character?

I didn’t at the time as I’m normally out on a Saturday evening travelling back from the day job. However, I caught up with it once I knew I was doing the show and loved them all.

Who would be your own personal dream performer to see behind one of the masks?

I’d love to see Don Henley perform again. He was incredible.

How did it feel to leave at the point you left in the show?

I was gutted. I had some great songs lined up if I was able to continue but overall I loved the experience and just happy to have taken part.

If you could sum up your experience in a song title, what would it be?

(I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life from Dirty Dancing.

The Masked Singer, ITV, STV, UTV, Saturdays at 7pm.

Glenn’s first interview after his big reveal can be seen on The Masked Singer: Unmasked, on the ITV Hub.

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