David Mitchell and Robert Webb are back to Back

Best on the Box highlight for January 21 sees us head to Channel 4.

The comedy, Back, starring David Mitchell and Robert Webb returns for a second series.

After a long absence, a rejuvenated Stephen (Mitchell) prepares to head back to the John Barleycorn, just as Andrew (Webb) is starting to feel restricted and weighed down by the mundanities of being a provincial pub landlord.

Have the tables now turned for these reluctant foster brothers?

When Stephen returns, his sister Cass (Loo Brealey) tells him some surprising news about their mum Ellen’s (Penny Downie) relationship status, while the opening of a rival cutting-edge pub just up the road evokes curiosity and trepidation, especially when it becomes apparent that the new establishment needs a manager, and plans to headhunt a certain hotshot from the Barleycorn.

New Series: Back, Channel 4, 10pm

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