James ‘Arg’ Argent discusses weight loss surgery on Loose Women

The reality television star has discussed his decision to get weight loss surgery on the show.

Arg – who gained zeleb status through his appearances on TOWIE – told today’s panel that he is “one year and one month clean and sober”, but explained that lockdown had reinforced his weight struggles.

“I am one year and one month clean and sober [and] that’s been amazing for me, however I have really struggled during lockdown. I was regularly going boxing before to the local boxing gym, I was regularly swimming and I just really struggled. I can’t go and work, I can’t go and do the exercise I want to do, I can’t go and visit my friends…I have found myself bored and lonely and isolated and that is why I have turned to food for comfort and from boredom.”

Weighing in at a hefty 26 stones, he is eager to do something to beat the flab once and for all as doctors have advised him that his weight is in “danger territory”.

“My doctor said the weight I am right now, 26 stone, that is danger territory. My mum and my dad both suffer from heart problems and my dad has got a pacemaker so there could be serious implications for my heart… People even say to me, with my weight as it is at the moment, if I catch Covid, I could be one of the people that could be in serious trouble.”

On whether it’s a difficult decision to undergo the surgery, which he hopes will be a “long-term fix” rather than the short-term solutions he is used to, he said: “It is difficult because it a huge operation, it is a very intense and serious one. It is nothing to be taken lightly.” 

Upbeat about his lighter future, James noted: “I feel that once I have my weight sorted then the sky is the limit for me…”

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