Jayde Adams, Garrett Millerick and Red Richardson are Laughable

Comics Jayde Adams, Garrett Millerick and Red Richardson this weekend announced the launch of their brand new comedy podcast –Laughable.

Launching on the 3rd February Laughable is a weekly podcast that looks at the week’s ‘forgotten news’ (quirkier headlines that have gone under the radar).

From Twitter spats to government briefings, it’s impossible to stay across everything by yourself, so the thorough trio will take listeners on a whirlwind tour of the most bizarre, shameful and outrageous news stories that missed the mainstream.

The podcast is described as ‘hilarious, entertaining and lively’ with an educational aspect.

Each host has a particular area of expertise:

Jayde Adams –  The Resident Celebrity Expert (and an actual celebrity).

Jayde’s experience in the world of celebrity and her devotion, fascination and mastery of social media means there’s no one better placed to take listeners on a journey through the more idiosyncratic stories about our beloved household names.

Garrett Millerick — The Broadsheet loving man from the past

Garrett, a self-confessed Luddite and very reluctant social media user, will be bringing stories from the antiquated print media to the table. He has no idea what’s going on in the world of celebrity, sports or indeed the internet. He is far more comfortable consuming news like a man from the past: from a newspaper.

Red Richardson — Red Top Red.

Red is more likely to be reading stories from our great British tabloids than he is to be browsing the BBC website. His up-to-date knowledge of the world is mainly culled from Britain’s most popular newspapers alongside screen-grabs that come to him fresh from circulating around the least salubrious areas of WhatsApp and Twitter.

Episodes are to be released every Wednesday. A taster is available here now for those who can’t wait.

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