Movie project funding site Greenlit gets revamp

Crowdfunding platform Greenlit – dedicated to supporting film projects – has relaunched with a new global online hub,

“It’s very exciting to be going into 2021, building on our success and helping filmmakers as the world opens up again.” – Greenlit Founder and CEO, Peter Storey

Projects that have been given a leg up by Greenlit include the SXSW and BIFA shortlisted hit Nike Air Jordan documentary, One Man and His Shoes (currently on BBC iPlayer), Parkinson’s disease comedy-drama Ecstasy, and ground-breaking sex-worker documentary Beyond The Red Light.

Greenlit now looks ahead to Sean J. Young’s comedy short film, Moustache Man, starring Mark Gatiss. The film follows a boy taking care of his grieving mother after the passing of his father – growing a moustache to replace his father. When speaking of Director Sean J. Young, Gatiss said, “He’s a fantastic talent, a very funny guy and a sweet, kind soul.” He says about the film, “It’s a terrific, funny and very moving script.”

Another new project is Turn Around; the true-crime gangster story of L.A.-born fashion model, Breanna Box’s grandfather. The documentary follows the life of James Box, who was falsely convicted and sentenced to 35 years in prison, following one of the largest drug busts in the world in 1989.

Breanna said, “Turn around is a story I’ve wanted to tell my whole life as a full TV series, but after my grandfather got Covid, I felt time is only passing by and is extremely precious. This is for him, and for the world to see how unjust our justice system is, how a man from nothing made something out of his life; no matter the circumstances. It’s stranger than fiction the things he’s been through.”

Other Greenlit projects include The First Time I Never Met You, The Rough Gig, Rabbit and Olive. To find out more about these projects or how you can fund your own, visit

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