Horizon looks into the latest scientific understanding of Covid-19

In this third Horizon special on the coronavirus outbreak, virologist Dr Chris van Tulleken, his brother Dr Xand van Tulleken and Dr Guddi Singh take us through the very latest scientific understanding of Covid-19.

They explore why viruses mutate and the impact this has on vaccine efficacy, analyse how super spreading occurs and how it can be controlled, and try to predict when this pandemic will be brought to an end.

Lockdown, the wearing of masks, school closures, and heart-breaking statistics have blighted our lives since March 2020. But now, at last, there may be light at the end of the tunnel with the wonders of science bringing us a number of pandemic-blunting vaccines.

But there’s still a way to go yet. We are dealing with the effects of a devastating, evolving virus, and many questions remain. In this programme, Horizon will be providing you with answers you can trust, direct from the army of scientists and clinicians on the front line of the fight against Covid.

The team reveals the extraordinary breakthroughs in genetics, medicine and modelling that have offered a way out of a situation that would have been unthinkable just five years ago.

Coronavirus – A Horizon Special: What We Know Now, BBC Two, 9pm

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