Firestarters: a virtual festival of conversation this March

The virtual event will bring together expert insight from over 500 industry-leading professionals and help people learn more about – and develop – their passions, goals and interests at a time of disconnect.

“URfeed is on a mission to bring people together around their passions, interests and goals… enabling people to grow a knowledge network. We are excited that URfeed will help people come together and talk to new people ‘face to face’ in a bid to beat loneliness and it’s great we are able to support these two charities.” – Gareth Ingham, URfeed CEO

Community platform URfeed will host the event over four weeks in March with subjects such as Wellbeing & Fitness, Music & Entertainment, Lifestyle & Culture, and Innovation & Entrepreneurship being addressed with insight from well-versed professionals.

Humans are inherently social animals, who suffer when cut off from communities and the subtle sources of happiness they bring.

Firestarters’ aim is to connect strangers and ignite conversation fuelled by shared passion, interests and goals to bring about a positive change.

There will also be select spaces for group mentoring sessions with some of the experts that will be speaking during the Firestarters event.

URfeed is a video conversation platform that provides a place for groups of people to connect for ‘face to face’ conversation and its unique video messaging system lets people take part in multiple group conversations, without the need to have everyone online at the same time. People can drop in, watch what others are saying and ask questions or say their piece when it’s convenient for them.
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