Aaron Shaw asks you to ‘Disappear Here’

In the age of playlists and algorithmic suggestions, music audiences are becoming more accustomed to different genres and sounds, absorbing a wider pallet than ever before.

‘Disappear Here’ is described as a ‘stunningly diverse project’ from artist Aaron Shaw that captures the ever-shifting paradigm in listeners. The record includes a spectrum of influences including post-punk, electronica, UK Garage, 80s Rock, jazz-rock and even folk.

Shaw, who has been involved in a number of recording projects, uses his past creativity to write, produce and play every instrument on the new project described as “fiercely original and refreshingly diverse.”

Tracks like ‘A Pathetic’ featuring a thumping almost metal-based riff, contrast with the likes of ‘Take Care’, a pop lullaby with RnB roots amongst other references.

From the soft, easy rock swagger ‘Pull Up The Ladder’ to ‘Paper Moon’ a trance-influenced piece inspired by early Radiohead, the album has a shape-shifting quality to it that allows it to leap from genre to genre, embedding itself in inspirations from decades of musical history.

To find out more: www.disappearhere.co

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