Gritty thriller Red Rage released next month

British thriller Red Rage is to be released in the UK on 19th April on DVD and digital download platforms.

“It’s fantastic that we’re able to release Red Rage in the UK. Diniz and Turner are great in the lead roles and there is fantastic British talent supporting them in the likes of Adam Deacon, Vas Blackwood, Ian Reddington and the iconic Steven Berkoff. This one’s a wild trip!” – Saints and Savages’ CEO, John Pavlakos

The Best Feature winner (Europe Film Festival 2021) sees a murderous vigilante couple tear through the city, serving vengeance to dealers of a new designer drug called Red Devil

A host of British talent star including Adam Deacon, Vas Blackwood, Ian Reddington and Steven Berkoff.

The gritty thriller will also introduce Fernanda Diniz in her first lead role alongside Jack Turner.

The film reunites a number of the cast with director Savvas D. Michael, who was also behind the camera on two other Saints and Savages titles that are being released in April.

Berkoff also starred in Righteous Villains, Blackwood and Reddington in Original Gangster and Deacon in both.

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