The James Bond that was the most shaken not stirred

Whilst James Bond has been played by six actors across six decades, one thing that remains the same – his love for a martini. “Shaken not stirred,” of course.

Researchers have uncovered which 007 has racked up the biggest bar tab, as well as which Bond has ordered the most martini’s.

It’s no secret that James Bond is partial to a tipple when on-duty. However, as an employee of the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6 in the movies), his expenses come directly from the pocket of UK taxpayers, so let’s see what his barbills have racked up.

Bond Total Bar Tab Throughout Movies Average Bar Tab Per Assignment Number of Martinis Consumed On-Screen
1. Roger Moore £2,427 £347 4
2. Sean Connery £1,271 £212 6
3. Daniel Craig £798 £200 11
4. Pierce Brosnan £773 £193 3
5. Timothy Dalton £76 £38 1
6. George Lazenby £56 £56 3

The research revealed that Roger Moore’s Bond was by far the booziest with a tab of £2,427 during his tenure, an average of £347 per assignment. However, the high bill is mostly due to his blow-out of booze in Live and Let Die, where he spent an eye-watering £730.

Taking the second-place spot is Sean Connery with a total drink spend of £1,271, and currently coming in third – with one more chance to move up the rankings with No Time to Die – is Daniel Craig at £798.

In Quantum of Solace, Daniel Craig’s mission is awash with plenty of drink. He has beers in Bolivia and scotch in Siena, however, the most expensive boozy blow-out takes place when he is drowning his in Virgin Atlantic’s first-class bar.

The findings also note that Daniel Craig is the number one Bond for guzzling a martini the most. He’s the Double-0 to hit double digits in his films with a total of 11 martinis.

Personal finance experts, Ocean Finance, carried out the research which also brings in fourth place, Piers Brosnan with a total bar tab of £773 throughout his appearances in the movies. In Die Another Day, he is seen partaking in two of his favourite martinis, with plenty of ice as he’s in Cuba, as well as a mojito. Later in the movie, Bond scrubs himself up and enjoys an iced bottle of Bollinger, whilst in Hong Kong.

The second-least Boozy Bond is Timothy Dalton, with his total bar tab estimated to be £76. In The Living Daylights, his drinking scene comes when he must make an emergency landing because of an imposter-00. When offered a beverage in the aftermath, Bond replies with “better make that two”.

The most frugal that Bond has ever been when on assignment was George Lazenby, as his total tab reached £56 in a single appearance as the superspy. Although not drinking at all whilst trying to save the world may be the better option for both 007 and the taxpayer, we applaud his restraint.

Methodology: Ocean Finance watched all 24 official Bond films from ‘Dr. No’ to ‘Spectre’ (excluding ‘Never Say Never Again’ which isn’t in the official Eon Productions canon) and analysed how many alcoholic beverages each Bond got through, as well as the cost of the bar tab.

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