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Kate Garraway’s intimate insight into coping with the impact of Covid-19


Kate Garraway’s intimate insight into coping with the impact of Covid-19

The long year of Coronavirus and dire effects on some who catch it is brought home tonight with Kate Garraway’s personal story.

In a special one-off film, Kate Garraway offers an intimate insight into coping with the impact of Covid-19 as her husband Derek Draper remains seriously ill a year on from contracting the virus. The film joins Kate and her family in July 2020 and brings viewers up to date with the film ending in March 2021.

“Derek is the sickest person the team of Doctors in the lung hospital have treated, who has lived. His kidneys have failed, his liver’s failed. His heart is being supported by medicine.” – Kate Garraway, talking back in July 2020 about Derek’s condition.

Presenter and journalist Kate offers an unflinching account of the profound effects on her family and on others as she opens up on camera for the first time on the reality of the past 12 months.

As Derek, who was hospitalised in March 2020 with the virus, remains in hospital with severe health issues, Kate also meets survivors of the disease and discusses the somewhat unknown, longer-term effects of the virus.

At the start of the film, back in July 2020, Kate is in Derek’s study and says: “I wanted to keep all of his financial times which he gets every day delivered.”

“So they’re all here ready for you Derek when you come back….maybe it’s like a little capsule of time really. If he can wake up and he can begin to piece things together, maybe it will help him process the time that’s passed”.

As Kate lays bare in the film, her family, along with many others who have suffered the effects of the virus, is now facing the reality of adjusting to a very different way of life to the one they lived before the pandemic hit.

Kate Garraway: Finding Derek, ITV, STV and UTV at 9 pm

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