Preview: Play Your Cards Right

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One Reply to “Preview: Play Your Cards Right”

  1. OH NO NOT AGAIN Alan Carr was sacked from the PRICE IS RIGHT when Channel Five revived it now he wanys to take over from Sir Bruce Forsyth on PLAY YOUR CARDS RIGHT! NO STOP IT NOW we had MEL AND SUE do a Disasterous version of the Generation Game and Dave Spikey hosted BULLSEYE which was totally awful! Let these Gameshows rest in peace as ALAN CARR is crap he will be totally Rubbish on PLAY YOUR CARDS RIGHT so stop causing trouble as Bruce Forsyth is dead and so should the shows he hosted as he was a Gameshow Genius first hosting VAL PARNELLS SUNDAY NIGHT AT THE LONDON PALLADIUM for ATV LONDON in 1959 while Alan Carr is crap so bring back MICHAEL BARRYMORE not him!

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