BBC One to mark 50 years since first Parkinson chat show

The latest dig into the Parkinson chat show archives is the first ‘best of’ of his conversations since the 1990s.

“When you reach my age birthdays are greeted with more of a sense of relief than celebration but this year will be different because 50 years ago a much younger Michael Parkinson was celebrating his 36th birthday and looking forward to starting a new show for the BBC. Little would he have known then that he would end up hosting over 650 shows and interviewing over 2000 of the good and the great.” – Sir Michael Parkinson

Sir Michael has been able to look back over the archive of his interviews with some of the most culturally influential people of the late 20th Century and curate this special retrospective of the show that for many defined their Saturday night viewing.

The show debuted on BBC One in 1971 and remained a fixture for a decade before Parky switched to breakfast station TV-am. He later launched a chat show for ITV from Yorkshire Television, Parkinson One to One, and following a best of series on BBC One in 1998 his chat show was once again restored to the weekend schedules.

“Parkinson at Fifty is my story of an unlikely journey from a pit village in South Yorkshire to the top of the Parkinson stairs. It provides a ringside seat opposite some of the biggest names in showbusiness and beyond, an insight into the interviewers’ lot as well as an honest assessment of my time as the host of what for me was the best job in the world.” – Sir Michael Parkinson

Parkinson aired on the BBC from 1998 to 2004 before switching over to ITV until 2007. Parkinson at 50 is a Parkinson Production for BBC One.  Transmission details for Parkinson at 50 will be announced in due course by the Beeb.

“What better way for Sir Michael Parkinson to celebrate his 86th birthday than to take a very special look back at 50 years of Parkinson. Since walking down those famous steps back in 1971, Sir Michael has interviewed more than 2000 of the world’s most famous people and made such a huge impact on the interview genre.” – Kate Phillips, Acting Controller, BBC One

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  1. PARKINSON ws made when the BBC made Entertainment now its all Endless Rubbish so scrap the TV LICANCE or SCRAP THE BBC!

  2. PARKINSON was on when i was flanning everyone on TISWAS now all the BBC make is SHITE so i should go down to Broadcasting House and FLAN THEM ALL as they deserve it as the PHANTOM will enjoy that!

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