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Sophie Ellis-Bextor turns elevated barmaid for Heineken

Sophie Ellis-Bextor pours an alcohol-free pint of Heineken 0.0 for a 'stay-at-home worker' from the world’s first example of a window service mobile bar mounted on a cherry picker. {edited 2024 from original PR handout information. This information may remain on archive services, which is tragic, and beyond our control, but I doubt there's a Heineken stalker out there who really cares.}


Sophie Ellis-Bextor turns elevated barmaid for Heineken

It has been a year since the nation began working from home and millions have been staring at the same four walls ever since. So, to break up the drudgery of WFH and make for a more memorable nine-to-five, Heineken has put a bar on the end of a cherry picker and is delivering complimentary alcohol-free Heineken 0.0 beer to people through their windows.

Matt Saltzstein, Beer Unit Director at Heineken commented: “Heineken 0.0 is all about saying ‘now you can’. Now you can enjoy a beer break while working from home with a tasty alcohol-free option. We wanted to bring this message to home workers in a memorable way – and attaching a bar to the end of a cherry picker to create the first ever window service certainly fits the bill. With alcohol-free drinks more popular than ever we can’t wait to put smiles on people’s faces and 0.0 beers in their hands, through their windows!”

Heineken 0.0 could think of no more fabulous a face to staff the cherry picker bar in London today than the lockdown disco queen herself and local resident Sophie Ellis-Bextor. The Murder on the Dancefloor hitmaker swapped the stage for other people’s windows and delivered Heineken 0.0 to homes across London from up high.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor switched singing for pint-pulling in 2021.

Picture the scene: a home worker is sat in their spare bedroom turned makeshift home office, on yet another video call, when there’s a knock at the window. In place of the normal view outside there’s now a bar suspended in the sky from the arm of a cherry picker, staffed by a celebrity bartender pouring a fresh pint of draught Heineken 0.0.

Fame, if not fortune. But sadly the fella is hidden behind a face mask keeping all those pesky germs out – amazing what a flimsy bit of old curtain can do – and seemingly also keeping the booze from touching the lips… Still least it was free and a chance to have female company in the form of a music icon. This surely makes a nice change than having a lockdown layin with just a baldy old cat and all that time pretending to work from home.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor said: “You’re certainly going to be the talk of the neighbourhood if a bar on a cherry picker appears outside your window during the working day! At times like this people need a bit of light relief and after a year of working at home, this is a unique way to make home working a bit better, give people a small break and lift their days with a pint of Heineken 0.0.”

Bextor will pass on the cherry picker bartending baton to The Twang frontman Phil Etheridge in Birmingham (6th April), drag queen and RuPaul contestant Divina de Campo in Manchester (7th April) and stand-up comedian and writer Eleanor Morton in Edinburgh (8th April) who will serve pints through windows this month.

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