Sally Lindsay becomes Tenable

The former Coronation Street regular is ready to slip into Warwick Davis’ shoes.

ITV Daytime regular feature of the afternoon schedules Tenable continues in its fifth series of quick-witted quizzing however this time around Warwick Davis shares hosting duties with Sally Lindsay.

The well-known star of stage and screen takes over the presenting reins for 25 episodes of the series – the show in which teams of five must answer top 10 list questions for the chance to win a whopping jackpot of £125,000.

Below, Sally shares her thoughts on hosting the programme:

How does it feel to be hosting Tenable? 

I’m a huge fan of Tenable and am delighted I’m able to share the presenting responsibilities with Warwick. The demands of his workload meant that he wasn’t able to record every show in the series.

What were Warwick’s words of advice?

He said just be in tune with the people, it is the public who make this show what it is.

How would you describe your hosting style? 

I’m very relaxed about it I think. I felt very at home on a gameshow set weirdly and loved getting to know the contestants.

Did you practise asking questions on family/ friends? 

I didn’t for this. But when I was preparing for Mastermind my husband constantly asked me Carry On questions, even when we were getting ready for bed!

What was it like being in studio for the first time and seeing the Tenable Tower?

 It was awesome, totally took my breath away.

Are you usually at home shouting the answers at the TV? Is it hard not to join in when hosting? 

I am! It’s so easy at home! And if I know an answer it’s hard not to blurt it out!

Did the contestants come up with any answers that made you laugh?

All the time, as they have to give an answer!

Warwick is sharing the presenting duties this series with Sally Lindsay

 Did you find you got really invested in teams and how well they did?

I was devastated every time they didn’t win, it really upset me for the rest of the day.

What are you like when it comes to quizzing? Have you been among those quizzing during lockdown?

We have had loads of Zoom quizzes, but I can’t wait to do it in the pub again!

Are you competitive or in it for the fun when it comes to quizzing yourself?

 I’m always in it for the fun, but get quite emotionally involved when it’s for charity.

Have you ever been watching a quiz and seen yourself come up as a clue/ answer? 

Yes! I was an answer on The Chase! My phone didn’t stop pinging!

How would you fare on Tenable? What sort of subject would you want to come up?

I think Tenable is one of the tough ones, it really takes no prisoners. So I’m not sure how I would do to be honest. If Carry On films came up or sit-coms or light entertainment of the 80s I may be in with a chance!

Tenable airs weekdays at 3pm on ITV, STV and UTV and ITV Hub

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