Top 10 Most Popular Cosplays Characters sees Harley Quinn top and Doctor Who last

Harley Quinn is the most popular superhero character in the world to cosplay with a total of 676,895 Instagram hashtags with Spiderman coming in second on 530,177.

Dressing up and cosplaying allows the expression of creativity, can be a form of escapism and is simply a lot of fun.

Researchers have analysed 100 popular characters and sorted them into five groups: superheroes, anime, TV, Disney and video game characters.

Using Instagram, they were able to find out how many photos include hashtags of “cosplay”, “costume” and “dress up” to determine which character is the most popular to cosplay. Top Ten Characters to Cosplay

Rank Name Total hashtags
1 Harley Quinn 676,895
2 Spiderman 530,177
3 Joker 297,356
4 Batman 277,030
5 Harry Potter 227,887
6 Izuku Midoriya (Deku) 219,178
7 Deadpool 209,329
8 Wonder Woman 208,054
9 D.Va 200,391
10 Doctor Who 146,496

In true Batman style, the Dark Knight rises to fourth place, just under his nemesis the Joker. Batman Returns a respectable 277,030 hashtags (4.75%).

Slytherin in fifth is Harry Potter with 227,887 hashtags (3.9% of total Instagram hashtags). The boy who lived is the most popular non-superhero character to cosplay. analysed 100 popular cosplay characters and divided them into five groups (superheroes, anime, TV, Disney and video games). They then scoured Instagram to find out which characters have the most hashtags using variations such as “x cosplay”, “x costume”, and “x dress up”

Hashtags were indexed and counted to discover which characters are the most popular to dress up as within the top 100 and also within their respective groups. All Instagram hashtag figures were collected and are correct as of the 7th of April 2021.

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