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More from the Gypsies on Channel 5


More from the Gypsies on Channel 5

Today’s TV choice comes courtesy of Channel 5.

Here Come the Gypsies! reveals the hidden world behind travelling communities who have to fight for survival every single day.

In this second episode, of six, Channel 5 delve deep into their unique traditions and uncover their ancient codes to discover how they thrive against all odds, battling to keep their culture alive and ensure that no matter what life throws at them, they’re not going anywhere.

John lives life on the road, roaming from place to place with his wagon and horses, battling to keep to the nomadic ways of old. Never a long way from trouble, John clashes with some angry locals and faces accusations of trespassing as he tries to find his ideal spot. When the authorities finally catch up with him, there’s an unexpected twist in the tale.

In Dorset, Romany Gypsy Lee Hughes plies his trade filing down horses’ teeth, and in traveller circles is known as the Horse Dentist. Lee’s a legend in his own community but money is tight, so he devises a plan to expand his business by tapping into a lucrative market: treating racehorses.

Confronted with a powerful racehorse with a bad case of toothache, Lee needs to bring his ‘A’ game to impress the client and take a big step closer to his dream.

Meanwhile, Romany Gypsy Lavinia is preparing her daughter Valentina for a glamorous occasion. She’s taking the two-year-old to a local beauty pageant to compete for prizes against children from the settled community, but Lavinia’s worried that being a Gypsy will affect their chances of success.

And in Yorkshire, having been diagnosed with cancer, travelling man Diamond Jackson is searching for his perfect resting place for when the time comes.

Here Come  the Gypsies!, Channel 5, 9pm

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