An actress from the ABC series Ugly Betty has come to the defense of Lindsay Lohan.

One of the actresses on Ugly Betty has denied rumours that Lindsay Lohan acted unprofessionally during her guest-stint on the series. It emerged earlier this week that Lohan’s number of episodes on the series had been cut from six episodes to just four.

Earlier this week it was announced that Linday Lohan would only be appearing in four episodes of Ugly Betty instead of the previously announced six episodes. This news was met with speculation that the actress had been unprofessional during her time with the show, those these rumours were denied by friends of Lohan.

Other rumours claimed that Lohan’s guest-stint on the series was cut short because she didn’t get along with lead star, America Ferrera. Actress Vanessa Williams, who plays Wilhelmina Slater in Ugly Betty, has denied that Lohan behaved unprofessionally during filming.

“I had a few scenes with Lindsay. She was a hard worker, she showed up on time and in the scenes I had with her, she was completely prepared. In terms of me working with Lindsay, she was professional, she knew her lines and she was great with me.” Vanessa Williams, actress

Actress Lindsay Lohan is rarely out of the tabloid headlines due to her troubled private life and speculation about the nature of her relationship with Samantha Ronson. Ronson and Lohan published a statement several weeks ago blasting Sarah Palin, the republication candidate for the vice-presidency. The pair attacked Palin for being media obsessed and for being ‘homophobic’.

Lohan is just one of several Hollywood faces to speak out against Palin, Matt Damon and the singer Pink have also expressed their dislike of the republican candidate.

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