Gino D’Acampo and family to go on ‘Italian Adventure’ with ITV

TV chef Gino D’Acampo is to take his family on a personal adventure into the roots of his upbringing and his passion for food in a new ITV series.

In Gino and Family’s Italian Adventure the This Morning star will rediscover the places and the flavours that shaped him and inspired him to become a chef while sharing them with his family as they immerse themselves in a dynamic Italian adventure.

“We’ve watched Gino go on trips with his mates, but this is Gino the family man, with the people closest to him, taking them back to his roots and the region that influenced his lifelong passion for food.” – Priya Singh, Commissioning Editor Factual Entertainment at ITV

Featuring Gino, his wife and their three children, plus in-laws, each of the seven episodes will yank them out of their comfort zone and propel the chef and members of his family headlong into a mission to experience the source and discover the secrets of vibrant Italian cuisine.

Born and raised in England, Gino’s children visit Sardinia every summer for a vacation, but the family has seldom ventured further… until now.

Gino said: “Food and family are everything to me and I’m so excited to take my family on a journey across Bella Italia. We are going to discover all sorts of amazing places, people and excellent new ingredients together. It’s going to be fantastico! Look out Italy, the cooking D’Acampo’s are coming!”

Gino and Family’s Italian Adventure is produced by Studio Ramsay and could see a change of title before transmission.

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2 Replies to “Gino D’Acampo and family to go on ‘Italian Adventure’ with ITV”

  1. I wondered where he went after the morning show. I thought he and his family went back to Italy to raise horses. I am so happy for them. They say this is produced by studio Ramsay is that related to Gordon Ramsey? Good luck Gino/Jessica & family. I will be watching.

  2. I do hope he gets rid of that beard, bandana, glasses and all the jewelry and just acts like his normal self. He was great the way he was. Please no mid life crisis.

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