This week in Casualty and Holby City

This week in the medical sagas.

It’s a double-bill of Casualty this evening.

In the first offering, Lev is unwilling to return to the hospital after his ‘outing’ by Faith. Instead, he throws himself into motocross racing.

Later  Lev puts himself in a dangerous situation to help a fellow rider with cancer who is in desperate need of a big win. A training manager running a leadership course brings back memories for Charlie and a very stressed Ethan, while Jade and Marty struggle to connect as they both grapple with their issues.

In the second visit to Holby’s A&E Jade heads back to the bar where her drink was spiked, in the aim to, she hopes, catch whoever is doing it in the act. To assist her mission she persuades Robyn to act as bait. However, her need for revenge gets out of hand when she tricks a man into drinking from a glass he has laced with ketamine, leaving him in urgent need of medical attention.

Jan suggests what is needed is someone to pretend to be in need of medical assistance to gather evidence against the Harrington Street Clinic. Also Lev realises that he does not have to be alone.

Casualty, BBC One, tonight from 8.20pm

When it looks like Reyhan has been deliberately killed, an investigation into his death begins. Sahira and Hanssen become the main suspects, but who is guilty?

With his operation an apparent success, Dominic looks to the future with a newfound sense of hope, but is his newfound optimism, too much, soo soon?

Kian continues to lie to Lucky about notifying social services regarding Andrei, but is Lucky about to work out what’s really going on?

Holby City, BBC One, Tuesday 11th May, at 7.50 pm. Times may vary on BBC One Scotland.

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