Doctors – Jonno is painfully and resentfully detoxing

Telly Today: Doctors.

Jonno is painfully and resentfully detoxing at Emma’s. Luca tries desperately to get through to him – he can get him into rehab but the drugs need to be out of his system.

Jonno demands his phone, Luca refuses, knowing he’ll try to get drugs. Jonno accuses Luca of doing all this because he thinks it will clear him of the guilt for Billy’s death.. Luca is stung.

Valerie tries to drum up enthusiasm for the appreciation gifts, chasing up people to pick names. Between Jimmi and Al’s indifference and Zara’s snappishness, this is an uphill struggle! Ruhma tries to get in the spirit but is distracted by a still mourning Sid.

Emma tries talking to Jonno but he again demands his phone. To Luca’s horror, she gives him it and lets him leave. Emma reminds an outraged Luca that addicts can only get help if they themselves want to change. Emma can only hope her gamble paid off.

Zara has two important meetings, a dying phone, and no patience left. It’s not the day for someone reverse into her car and then leave without noticing, it’s not the day for the car battery to die and its not the day for the immobilser to kick in, locking her inside. Zara begs a passer by to call The Mill. Daniel arrives to save the day – only he can’t – her security adjustments have left his key useless as well.

Doctors, BBC One, 1.45pm

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