Johnny Vegas has a grand unveiling

Telly Today, highlights for May 26th.


Gillian follows the fortunes of a harbour seal who’s in hospital in Northern Ireland.

Iolo’s on the look out for golden eagles in the Glen, and Michaela and Chris assess the effects of this year’s late spring on our wildlife. Plus we drop into an oak tree to see why so many thousands choose to live there, and reveal the secret history of a London wood.

Springwatch, BBC Two, 8pm

Long Lost Family

Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell reveal more astonishing stories of foundlings desperate to discover their identities and meet birth family, after a lifetime of not knowing where they came from.

In this, the last episode, we meet 31-year-old Steve, who was left in public toilets near a football stadium in Wolverhampton, and Sarah Dunkley, whose mother disappeared from the hospital after giving birth, without a trace.

At the time Steve was found near the stadium, he was named after Wolverhampton Wanderers’ star player of the moment, Steve Bull. From an early age Steve’s adoptive parents told him about his abandonment, but despite a public appeal, he has grown up with no information about who left him and why. Steve says: “I was just the baby who was found. My history before is 100% unknown.”

In this programme, the truth is finally discovered and he finds out about his birth mother’s desperate situation…

Long Lost Family, ITV, STV, UTV, 9 pm

Carry On Glamping

Glamping is on the rise in Britain, and it’s no longer just a posh tent in a field. Up and down the country, people are repurposing old vehicles into stunning boutique hotels.

And now, award-winning comedian and entertainer Johnny Vegas is joining the fray. He wants to create the country’s coolest glamping site. This series follows Johnny, his long-suffering assistant Bev and a gang of vintage bus enthusiasts, as they attempt to bring new life to a collection of old vehicles as the clock is ticking to get their site open in time.

After two gruelling years during which Johnny Vegas has seen his plans for his glampsite hit by every problem imaginable, he is finally ready for the grand unveiling. Unfortunately, it’s in front of his harshest critics, his family and friends.

With the final vehicles arriving, there’s time for Johnny to deceive Bev one more time, before he presents her with the 1950s camper van he bought and restored as a gift. As last-minute preparations on the site continue, Johnny inspects the renovated fire truck, which quickly takes a wrong turn as he manages to get stuck on the roof, and things get worse from there. As he and Bev prepare for the arrival of the much-loved Maltese bus that started the whole adventure, disaster strikes one final time…

Carry On Glamping, Channel 4, 10pm

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