A battle to save an old dog

Telly Today highlights for Thursday, May 27th.

There’s Something About Movies

It’s the second episode in this the fourth series of the Alan Carr fronted Sky One movie themed offering.

Alan is back tonight with more star names lined up to appear on this Sky Original entertainment show.

Confirmed guests for the upcoming series include Rob Brydon, Richard E Grant, David Tennant, Nathalie Emmanuel and Kevin Bridges amongst others.

The fan-favourite end games, where the celebrity panels are challenged to recreate iconic scenes from the big screen, will make a welcome return, taking on classics including Psycho, Godfather and American Werewolf in London.

There’s Something About Movies, Sky One, 9 pm

Supervet Special

The nation’s favourite vet, Professor Noel Fitzpatrick, returns for a new run, featuring the extraordinary work of his unique veterinary practice where families bring their beloved animals to receive the finest specialist care.

This new run starts with a special episode and one of the most emotional and heart-rending stories ever filmed: the story of Noel’s dog, Keira. It’s been 15 years since Noel began expanding the boundaries of veterinary medicine at his practice in Surrey, and his soulmate – the inimitable ‘ball of furry joy’ Border terrier Keira, who’s 13 – has been by his side all the way.

But in September 2020, Noel’s life was turned upside down when Keira was hit by a car right outside the practice. Suddenly, the surgeon renowned for finding solutions for even the most challenging injuries had to face the possibility that his Keira may not be fixable, and steel himself for the most important surgery of his life.

This special programme follows every intense, fraught and dramatic step of Keira’s fight for life – from just after the accident through each emotional stage of her treatment – as a distraught Noel and his team jump into action and stabilise her life-threatening injuries.

Noel faces an agonising wait to determine not only what intricate surgery may be possible for her skeleton, but also whether Keira will be able to withstand the procedures which could allow her to walk again. Noel devises a custom implant to repair her broken bones and prepares to operate on his best friend.

Supervet Special, Channel 4, 8 pm

Living with Chronic Pain

Around 43% of the UK population, roughly 28 million people, suffer from chronic pain conditions, and these symptoms can greatly affect the quality of life. This observational documentary follows three people who face this painful reality on a daily basis, and as they undergo new treatments they’ve never tried before.

In Hereford, 44-year-old Gareth has suffered with migraines since his teens, and following a motorbike accident that resulted in nerve damage, he now suffers with complex daily pain episodes. Gareth lives
with his youngest daughter Ellie, but despite occasional visits from his elder daughter Meghan to help out, he faces the daily reality of single parenting alongside his condition.

With a complex dosage of painkillers and pills to battle the effects, life up to now has been a trade-off between a myriad of debilitating side-effects or excruciating pain levels as he tries to tackle everyday tasks. But cutting-edge technology in the form of a nerve stimulator implant offers Gareth new hope.
In Southampton, ex-serviceman Mark has led an active life, from running triathlons to the physical strains of life in the Navy.

But with a recent diagnosis of osteoarthritis, he fears his world is about to turn upside down. With Mark at the very start of his chronic pain journey, he reflects on whether he can continue to ride his motorbike or even walk his dogs. But with a determination to look at non-surgical routes, Mark has decided to undergo physiotherapy.

In Dartford, Andie lives with her three adult children and her husband Colin, and having suffered with a variety of painful episodes for years, she was finally diagnosed with fybromyalgia. Over the years, Andie’s condition has robbed her of a bright future, and she has gone from being an outgoing world traveller to now relying on family members to do things for her.

Despite owning a wealth of gadgets, and a wealth of knowledge from previous treatments and medicines, Andie continues to battle her condition with frustration and determination. With global research into the possibilities of cannabis-related medicines growing, Andie begins a new journey to
discover if this is the answer to her daily chronic pain.

As each of our stories unfold, we hear from medical experts as we start to understand the impact of one of the UK’s most pressing medical concerns.

Chronic Pain: How to live with it, Channel 5, 10 pm

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