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Doctors – Three Consultations and a Funeral


Doctors – Three Consultations and a Funeral

Catch up with the much-praised episode on the BBC iPlayer.

The edition starred EastEnders’ performer Lucy Benjamin as Jan Fisher.

In the episode, entitled Three Consultations and a Funeral, Emma saw new patient Jan Fisher, who said she was having trouble sleeping. As the consultation went on, Emma began to realise that all may not be well with Jan’s marriage.

Emma tried to get Jan to open up, but with no success.

As the story progresses Emma saw Jan for a second time and became worried about a red mark on Jan’s cheek. Jan revealed that she’d been thrown out by Mark, her husband. Jan was emotional and said she’d accused him of having an affair. Emma tried to calm Jan down, and asked if she is afraid of her husband?

Lucy Benjamin as Jan Fisher

As the story came to its conclusion during an FME shift at the police station Emma had one final encounter with Jan.

Lucy Benjamin’s first taste of soap opera came with Jupiter Moon in 1990, Central Television’s attempt at a new serial, following their dropping of Crossroads two years previous. Made in the same Birmingham studios Jupiter Moon aired on BSB satellite television, rather than ITV.

The series was set on a spacecraft and clocked up 150 episodes. Back down to earth Lucy joined EastEnders in 1998 and stayed initially until 2003, returning for further stints in 2010, 2017, and 2019–2020.

The episode of Doctors featuring Lucy can be seen again on the BBC iPlayer

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