It’s the end of the road for Take Me Out.

“ITV and Paddy have done all the specials you can eke out of a dating show, so it’s been decided it’s time for it to go.” – A TV source speaking to The Sun

The Sun reports that the hit dating show, hosted by Paddy McGuinness, has been axed by ITV after ten years for “running its course.”

Take Me Out first aired in January 2010 and became a Saturday night hit with viewers. Over time, ratings began to slide, but the show still produced eight weddings and six babies.

The format of the show, produced by Thames Television, sees a single man try to impress 30 single women in order to win a romantic holiday-slash-date. He must gradually reveal information about himself in the hope that it won’t make dating him a less appealing prospect. The girls show their interest by leaving on their lights; if the man isn’t for them they must put themselves in the dark (‘no likey, no lighty’ as McGuiness would say).

If a contestant proved popular, he would have to whittle down the podiums what are still lit to just two in the final round with the last women standing having the opportunity to answer a question on why they would make a better date for him. The man would then make a final decision on who he wants to take to the ‘Isle of Fernando’s’, which is actually Puerto de la Cruz in Tenerife.

The news comes on the same day the BBC confirmed that Top Gear, which Paddy now co-hosts alongside Freddie Flintoff and Chris Harris, will be moving from BBC Two to BBC One.

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